Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Want to know who's watching you on internet ??

Hey guys out there, it’s been long  time am back to write a blog.

Was just (and still) stuck with some college and placements issues....... Aah problems are always going to follow you. Just chill and make a way out.

To be out of stress and tensions , I thought to surf on net and do a little bit of timepass.
The word “net” means the great “INTERNET” which I consider as a different world, which is very much similar to our world in which we live. I like to say the internet world as Cyber-World.

Now coming back to the topic , I want to directly focus on what is the main intention of this blog.
I want to start the problem with a small introduction to a real world problem.

In a real world , if someone(stranger) is following you or keeping a watch on you, then “HOW” would you able to know??

Answer is straight forward and that is you can identify them easily as they can be around you always.

Now let’s take this problem into the Cyber-World(The world of internet) and ask yourself the same question. “If someone is following you or keeping a watch on you, then “HOW” would you able to know?”
I guess your faces would be like these…..hahaha... I don't know about you but my reaction at first was the same like these kids...... ;-)

Well  , there are different ways to solve this issue and I will show you one of them.

You will need following.
    1)      A computer or laptop…….:-D
    2)      An internet connection. 
    3)      Mozilla Firefox.

Open “FIREFOX” browser ,open "" and type “collusion add on” in the search bar.

Click on the first link as shown above and you will get somewhat as shown below..

Just click on “Add to Firefox”  and it will get installed.  (YOU SHOULD BE IN FIREFOX and NOT IN ANY OTHER BROWSER like CHROME or INTERNET EXPLORER)

Now after installing it in your  firefox browser , you will get a small icon at the bottom right of your browser as shown below..

This add-on's name is “Collusion” .
It helps you to know that who is keeping eye on you and your data when you are online(surfing on net) .

There are many websites , some legal and some illegal , which keeps track of your data and keeps tracking your activities.

“Collusion add-on” will show you that who is tracking your activities and who is keeping watch on your data…

I will try to explain you this addon on basis of my usage of “Collusion”

For clarity , here’s activity screenshot from my laptop.

The highlighted circles shows the websites that you actually visited.
The grey type circles represent the sites that you have not visited.
The lines between circles show our cookies and all stuff that is passed between them.

When you click on these circles , this add-on will show you the information related to that site.

Look at the image above………
I have just visited 7 to 8 websites and the number of websites that started tracking my data are more than 20……What the Heck !!!! Aren’t you shocked ….?
Why would you shock as these websites are actually tracking my data….  :-D :-D

But my dear buddies….Right now you are reading this blog , which means you are on the internet , so someone must have already started watching you…..Be-Aware....!!

That's all for this time.... Will be back soon with something which needs to be shared.

Surf Safe.....Be Safe.

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