Saturday, April 27, 2013

DOS vs DDOS | Shivang Desai

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You must have surely seen sometimes that your favorite website is either down or not working properly.
It may be due to the DOS or DDOS attack.
But what is basically DOS and DDOS attack. Lets check out an abstract introduction which can clear out the basic definition of these both types of attack and difference between them.

DOS basically stands for "Denial-Of-Service". In this attack, the victim website ( or you can say, victims website's server) is flooded with huge tons of requests which leaves it hell busy and as a result the website cannot handle anymore legitimate requests.
The latest DOS attack of 2010 had the capability to send 100 gigabits per second. Well its too much.

DDOS attack's intention is same as that of DOS attack but there are few differences between them.

DDOS stands for Distributed-Denial-Of-Service. It exhibits the same principle as that of DOS attack but the main difference in DDOS attack is that the attack takes place from different resources.

You can say that DOS attack is one-to-one relationship and DDOS is many-to-one.
In DDOS attack, many computers attack the victim at the same time and with massive amount of requests which leaves the victim helpless.

The computers behind DDOS attack are distributed over the globe and could be anywhere.
These computers basically become the part of something called botnets.

Hope this short and simple introduction will make you atleast aware about what is DOS and DDOS.

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